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Toffee Tree Studio.

Toffee Tree Studio creates and maintains a brands look and feel. Considering elements such as a brands colours, graphics and typefaces. These elements combined with a flexible design system can create brand awareness through consistency.

When the brand's look and feel and design system are defined, we can create visual communications and content in any media that is recognisable to that brand.

Toffee Tree Studio was founded by Dave Robinson, previously Head of Design at Ogilvy, VCCP and Integrated Head of Design at Grey London. With Dave's experience of 25 years in top London advertising agencies, 15 years of those as Head of Design, he has the experience and knowledge to know whom to bring onto the team when it's necessary to upscale specialist skills and get a project to a high standard.

We are flexible. If you only require logo design or a simple website, or you need a full advertising campaign, we can tailor our team to suit. Contact us to talk about your project.

Our Clients

Since 1994, Dave has worked on brands with various advertising agencies in the advertising industry.


Check out some of the valued client's Toffee Tree Studio has been privileged to work with.

Now you can get access to the same level of design as leading advertising agencies. Get in touch regarding your own design requirements.


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