Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson

Over the last 25 years in the advertising industry, I’ve worked with some of the best ECD’s, creative directors, designers and art directors in London. These talented people and the agencies I've been to have given me experience in many areas of branding and advertising. Online and offline, shopper and OOH.

The main part of my day is spent creating a tone of voice for brands, making a look and feel that will work across all channels.
I’ve worked on the design, brand identity, and advertising for companies such as VW, Cadbury, easyJet, Nationwide, comparethemarket, American Express, Dove, IBM, and O2.

I have witnessed a lot of change in the advertising industry over the years. But one thing stays the same. Brands have always needed great design.

Some of Dave's work

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Transport for London







When Harry Redknapp emerged from the jungle, he only had one thing on his mind: Jam Roly Poly pudding. 
So when he decided to build a business around his favourite dessert, Harry fired up his oven — and his laptop and gave GoDaddy a call. 
By the time his first Roly Poly was done baking, Harry had created his website.

I am proud to have created Harry’s logo, the assets and the packaging for his Roly poly side hustle.

Here’s the website.

Typography and experimental design

Various print and posters

During my time at Ogilvy, VCCP and Grey London, I've worked on press and posters for various brands. Here are some of my favourites.

Mined Field Magazine

A thick fashion and photography magazine. The concept was 'denim' spelt backwards, a cross-collaboration between Tank magazine and Levis.