Brand Identity is designed to reflect the way ‘Frank & Furious’, a new brand content agency, approaches their work.

FF brand 2.jpg

The idea.

Frank & Furious create brand content designed to build engagement, optimise user journeys and convert target audiences into customers. But it’s the two words in the name that capture the way they approach their work and the way they support their clients business goals.

Frank because they like to be open and clear in all their communications, not just the content they create, but also in how they work with their clients. They interrogate briefs, look deeper and make no apology for challenging thinking if they think there’s a better way.

Furious because they tackle every brief with passion and energy. Furious because they hate mediocrity. Furious because they care about the end result. Frank and Furious don’t do average.

Logic and magic.png
FF brand yellow 2.jpg
Business cards 56.jpg
Business cards

The cards have a clean simple typography style to organise the information. Each director had a choice of three bold colours.

Stationery set 4 19.jpg
Stationery set

Here is the full set, showing the consistent typography style across letterhead and card.

The graphic linework of 'FURIOUS' inspired a graphic system, seen here on the notebook covers.