Whilst at Adam&EveDDB I was tasked to illustrate and design murals for the new VW ID.3. Volkswagen's new carbon-neutral electric car.

Each poster of the new emission-free ID.3 is hand-painted with Airlite - a 100% natural material designed to eliminate bacteria and reduce pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide (NOx).

Manchester Hare and Hounds VW ID.3.jpg

© Volkswagon

VW ID.3 3.png

© Volkswagon

Global Street Art Agency

Each poster was painted from my designs by Global Street Art Agency. Each took between three and five days to paint and is designed to showcase the green credentials of the new pure-electric ID.3.

VW ID.3 2.png

© Volkswagon

VW_ID3_Euston Road template.jpg
London Euston Road VW ID.3.jpg

© Volkswagon

Reducing air pollution

VW says 100 square metres of the paint can reduce air pollution in the same way as planting 100 square metres of forest.


© Volkswagon

The unconventional adverts are in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Bristol, and the one opposite is on Washington Street, Glasgow.

Volkswagen chose the environmentally-friendly campaign to highlight the green credentials of its new ID.3, which is the first car to be produced and delivered to its owner 'net carbon neutral'.

Their factory in Zwickau, Germany, is entirely powered by renewable energy, with many third-parties in the supply chain also using green energy.

Where carbon emissions are unavoidable, for example during shipping, these are compensated by supporting internationally-recognised climate protection projects such as the restoration of forests in Borneo, Indonesia.

Glasgow distance.jpg

© Volkswagon

The mural in Glasgow on Washington Street is a welcome shot of colour in winter and really stands out on an overcast day.