Europe by easyJet


In 2011, VCCP won the pitch for EasyJet. Whilst working at VCCP, Dave Robinson, Head of Design at the time, created a new look and feel for the brand. Along with his design team, he designed the posters, added more shades of orange to the brand, created new fonts and introduced the '500 graphic' design system. Through the advertising design, a new brand identity was born.

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The new look

These were the first posters for EasyJet from VCCP in 2010. The designers were tasked with creating a campaign look and feel to change the public perception of the brand.


Dave Robinson and his team designed the look and feel for the campaign 'Europe by EasyJet'


The assets produced for this campaign would become its brand identity.

The look and feel we created was very successful and along with changes by the management team at EasyJet, the brilliant strategy and the first-class creative, the public perception of the brand was changed in a positive way.

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Generation easyJet

Again the strategy was perfect for easyJet as they introduced Generation easyJet.

This new direction saw a more fluid design for the 500 graphic.

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The '500 Graphic' Design System

In 2010 EasyJet had the most routes across Europe. Each line crossing the graphic reflected one of these routes. The intersecting shapes created a dynamic look.

For flexibility with layout, we crop into the graphic, allowing variants of background. Since 2011 The 500 graphic was and still is used on ads, airports and comms throughout the brand.

The placement of the logo on the original easyJet orange is a requirement of the brand license. A simple but effective solution was to add a darker and a lighter orange to the brand. These new colours were then added to the easyJet palette.

Typeface design

Designed to give a new fresh modern feel, the font was based on Gotham. At the time a relatively new font. We removed the bar from the 'A', and cut into the 'B, P and R'. The other characters were slightly adjusted. And with the help of a type foundry, we produced the new font.

For the Generation easyJet campaign, we created another typeface. A bolder condensed San Serif font. Which gave the brand a modern confident and younger look.

Brand Identity

The original brief was to create a new advertising look and feel. This look and feel became the new identity for EasyJet and was implemented throughout the brand. Eventually, making its way onto staff uniforms and the plane livery.

Business by easJet

This style wasn't used by easyJet for their business offering in the end. But they had a striking look and intriguing copy.

Brand look and feel was implemented through typography, colour, fonts and the '500 graphic' design system.