McLaren Auto


Whilst at VCCP Dave and his design team were given the brief to design camo wraps for the McLaren 650s and Track focused McLaren 650s

Feather wrap.jpg
McLaren wrap.jpg
McLaren650s car wraps

The wrap design was based on the creative idea from VCCP, Black Swan Moments.

The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect. The term is based on an ancient saying that presumed black swans did not exist.

The repeating pattern 'feather' was drawn from the side of the car.

Sports series 1.jpg
McLaren wrap 2.jpg
McLaren 650S

The next wrap design was for the 650s track variant. As the technology was inspired by the F1 GTR Longtail Dave created detailed profile drawings of the historic car and multiplied the lines to create a disruptive pattern. The subtle clues in the car wrap, playfully suggest what's underneath.

Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 11.31.27.png
Great feedback

A short while after the camo wraps were on social media. We got some great feedback on our designs.