Dominos needed a new look for their advertising and a new idea. They came to VCCP and got the idea they needed. 'The official food of Everything'.

Dave Robinson, head of design at the time created typography and a logo lock-up that fitted with the 'Official' idea. The typography was based on punchy and bold meme typography.

Dominos TV.jpg
Dominos logo.png
Logo lock-up design

Dave designed the lock-up to emphasise 'EVERYTHING' from the endline. To suggest 'Official' he used a banner, adapted from the brands existing assets. He wanted a balance of the red and blue brand colours and used the banner to hold the endline to keep all the elements structurally sound.

OOH posters

The idea had so much flexibility across so many formats. So the look had to be simple and flexible.

Dominos OFO Launch big poster.jpg
Dominos TV 2.png
TV and Social

The look of the campaign was recognisable from the typography, the lock-up and the cinematography. Pizza box props helped add brand colour to the shots and videos.

The layouts had to be created quickly to react to events.

Pizza menu cover.jpg