After the success of Molson Coors advertising, Staropramen asked VCCP to create an identity for a new Czech style beer brand. They had the name, Pravha. The brief was to create a modern twist on the classic pilsner that’s inspired by the unexpected side of Prague.


Pravha branding


The brand identity for PRAVHA from the brewers of Staropramen was created by Dave and his design team at VCCP.

The twist in the V from the wordmark was to symbolise the different side of Pravha. It's unusual to have a Pilsner with such a light taste. A twist on a regular Pilsner.

We wanted a clean modern logo with a unique visual identifier that sets it apart from other drink brands.

Brew + Press bar.jpg

The Pravha logo sitting comfortably with more established brands. Photography by

Logo guidelines 2.jpg

This was just one small sample of an extensive set of guidelines. Created to help with brand consistency which helps the brand to onboard partner agencies.

Logo guidelines 1.jpg

After the logo was designed we created the badge for the font. It had to contain a lot of elements.

1 - The wordmark

2 - The descripter


3 - The halo


4 - The horseshoe


5 - The copy


6 - The alcohol content percentage


7 - The Staropramen ripples


8 - The Staropramen logo

PRA Font Front.jpg

The Pravha glass also has a twist and the tower follows the same brand principles.

The pale green colour helped the brand stand out from the competition.